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Welcome to Vindhya Masale:

India is the land of surprises and culture has shown from time to time, the treasure, and vibrant colours. This land holds the mine of impressive taste and fragrance of delightful mornings and delicious evenings. Where sunrises with Subah-e-Benares, the dusk sets with Sham-e-Awadh with the vicinity of a wide variety of foods from Purvanchal, Western UP belt. This state has shown the list of enormous potential with its food. But the core component of these foods lies with the most vital element i.e. spices. Spices do not create the ephemeral effect but have a prolonged impact. Enriching and enhancing the taste, the food needs the backbone which the spices provide. Spices are like the “Sorcerer’s Stone” which can transform any food into gold.

Spices have a long and ancient history, especially in India, where they are a part of life and heritage.India is the homeland of spices and Indian spices have special significance all over the world. These spices have been traded since 7000 years and were the key components of external trade along with perfumes & textiles. Spices were traded from Indian borders to Arabic states & were then transported to the west.

In every home & in every province across the country, different spices and blends are used to create different and distinctive tastes in dishes.Spices have become a part of various cuisines and have been a major attraction for people all over the world. The spices have clubbed different religions & cultures whether be it due to trade or be it due to the taste. Spices are the most important and crucial ingredient of a dish/delicacy. Whether be it Black Pepper, Cumin, red chilli or turmeric etc. they all are very much important in our daily routine consumption as these spices are abundantly rich with antioxidants and essential oils of various compounds which helps to enhance digestion and prevent us from various ailments. The antioxidants in spices prevent the accumulation of free radicals formed in our body after metabolism, by forming a compound and then expelling them out of the body. Spices promote digestion of food’s that are hard to break down.

And last but not the least the spices improves colour, flavour and finally the Taste of any food making it tremendously appealing, nutritious and palatable. Spices have a preservative action and this property is being used since ages to preserve food in the form of pickles & prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in a product and in return increase the shelf life. They have a fat cutting action which aids in weight loss. They also strengthen the immune system of the body thus keeping it healthy.

We always ensure that our every product reaching to your kitchen are pure and unadulterated.We always use best quality raw materials which gives you best and original taste of the spice.

Our ingredients are hand-picked from the best source and are sorted, grounded by a low temperature grinding process and packaged under fully automated conditions maintaining our legacy of delivering the perfect flavours of India.